Eye Bags | Dark Eye Rings

Eye Bags | Dark Eye Rings

Eye Bags | Dark Eye Rings


Eye bags are bugling lumps under the eyes due to either fat accumulation or tense muscle contraction that causes the lump to appear more obvious.

Dark Eye Ring is secondary to the thin skin and lack of fats under the eyes that makes the dark blue blood vessels under the skin to be more prominent, giving it a darkish colour. Our skin thickness and fats often increase with age and prolonged straining of the eyes.

Both conditions are often secondary to genetics but can be worsened by late nights and prolonged eye strains from frequent computer work or watching TV in a dark room. Success in treatment varies depending on the cause of the problem and one must remember that in some conditions like dark eye ring, one should expect improvement rather than total resolution.

Eye bags due to muscle strain can be reduced by Meso-botox while fats under the eyes can be improved with CSP-RF. Depression under the eyes and dark eye ring can be helped with CSP-RF and/or fillers.


  • Meso-botox*
  • CSP-RF
  • Fillers*
  • Eye serum or eye cream

*This treatment can only be performed by a certified doctor.

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