Active Acne and Blemish

Active Acne and Blemish

Active Acne and Blemishes

Active acne is the congestion of sebum glands and in more severe cases inflammation and/or infection of sebum glands. The severity depends on the degree of congestion and the existence of inflammation/infection.

Active acne can be divided into adolescent acne and adult onset acne. Adolescent acne starts during puberty and is more common in males although some females do get it too. Males acne tends to be more acute, starting from adolescent, while female acne (if it does occur) are usually less severe but more prolonged, going often into adult onset acne.

There are different grades of acne. This is used to grade how severe the acne is. The grades or severity of acne depends on how large and deep the acne is. Dermatologist generally grade acne into 4 grades. The higher the grade, the worst the acne problem is considered. Numbers may indicate severity but the size and depth of the individual acne is much more important because acne scarring is more associated with deep acnes.

The existence of a single large cystic acne automatically brings you to Grade 4 acne while numerous small papules are only considered grade 2. The reason for this is due to the fact that large inflamed acne will almost always leave a scar that is permanent and very hard to treat in the future.

There are 3 main routes of treatment, namely topical treatment (SkinLab Anti-Acne Skincare Regimen), Medical Facials (Medical Peel and I2PL), and oral therapy. Treatment of choice varies depending on the underlying cause of acne and the severity. Sometimes, different treatment works differently for different individuals and there is a certain amount of trial an error involved.


  • Medical Peel
  • I2PL
  • *SkinLab Anti-Acne Skincare Regimen

*This treatment can only be performed by a certified doctor.

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